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Basic Probe Station with 2" Vacuum Chuck on a 1" X 1" Translation Stage. Z-lift of 0.08" min.. Chuck is Au plated isolated and shielded from base

Two Magnetic Mount X-Y-Z Translation Stages(0.5" Travel) with RF CPW Probe Mount Capability. DC Needle, Coax probe and Triax probes available

DC Needle Accessories Included. Needle Holder with shielded BNC Cable, 4 Pd Alloy Needles and 4 Tungsten Needles.

7X-30X Variable Stereo Zoom Microscope with LED Illuminator.

Storage Case with Vacuum Pump.


LMS-2709 WEB
LMS-2709 WEB

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LMS-2709 Data Sheet

LMS-3009 WEB
LMS-3009 WEB

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